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  About CMI

Category Management Inc. (CMI) is led by internationally recognized experts in Category and Customer Management. Our background is Procter & Gamble, The Partnering Group, and Kellogg School of Management—bringing together experiences in industry, consulting and academe. We have worked with leading companies in the Retail and Consumer Goods industries worldwide.

Let us understand your business objectives and needs to determine if Category or Customer Management is the solutions you are looking for or need. We can then work with you to implement these. Much of our work is based on the book “Next Generation Category Management”, currently being used in the United States, Europe, Japan and Latin America. A new book “Handbook of Category Management” is available to our clients, and will be published shortly.

  Jerry Singh
  Managing Partner
Jerry Singh is known worldwide for his expertise in training seminars, and presentations in Category & Customer Management. Mr. Singh has consulted with many large corporations and has had many articles published by leading industry associations and magazines throughout the world.
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  Miguel Meyer P
  Associate Partner
Miguel Meyer is a Engineer with a degree in Businesses Administration in the Catholic University of Chile, professor of diverse Universities, has developed its carery for more that 20 years in Retail Companies in Chile and Argentina occupying hige positions in the Commercial and marketing areas as Manager and General Management.
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“Next Generation
Category Management” -
The Power of Information
Technology to Focus on the Consumer